Alex Quintana (nee Smolonska)

Alex Quintana

Alex Quintana graduated from Oxford School of Sports Massage with Level 5 BTEC Professional Diploma in Clinical, Sport & Remedial Massage.

She worked at the Oxford University Woman’s Lightweight Rowing Club and treated a team of 20 during their intense training in Oxford and Coimbra (Portugal). She was delighted to see them win in a spectacular style at The Henley Boat Race in 2014!

For the past two years, she worked at Eau-de-Vie – a centre for natural health treatments, treating a diverse group of clients ranging from busy mums, office and manual workers, musicians, football players, cyclists, runners, power lifters to racing car drivers.

In 2015, she started studying Visceral Manipulation (VM) at The Barral Institute, it’s all about releasing restrictions between internal organs to eliminate recurring musculoskeletal pain. VM was developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, one of the Time Magazine’s Top Six Alternative Medicine Innovators to watch in the new millennium. You can find out more about VM at: Alex has completed the core programme of VM (incl. Abdomen, Thorax & Pelvis) in New York in June 2016.

Alex’s treatments usually last 1 hour, and might include: Deep Tissue Massage, Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Technique, Neuro-Muscular Technique and Visceral Manipulation.

Her treatments are aimed at releasing restrictions and unhealthy compensations, but she always links the above techniques with a relaxing massage so that you can unwind, breath deeper and allow your body to continue to regenerate when you leave the treatment room.

Alex will be working at the clinic on Wednesdays, Friday afternoons and alternate Saturdays. To book an appointment please call 01865 558561 or click here.

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