David Ruddick

David retired in May 2018 and no longer practices, but had been involved in osteopathy for 50 years.

After graduating from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in 1968, David started practising in London and Oxford. Originally he worked with the legendary osteopath John Wernham before deciding to move to Oxford on a more permanent basis in 1975 when together with his wife Kerry, they started the Summertown Clinic. The clinic rapidly grew as patients responded to David and Kerry’s treatment and before long other therapists had joined them. In the meantime David studied traditional Chinese medical acupuncture qualifying in 1983. The combination of both acupuncture and osteopathy provided a fairly unique (at that time) set of therapeutic modalities to help his patients with, and a few years later he was introduced to Applied Kinesiology, which helped bridge the gap between the philosophies through it’s use of muscle testing to help diagnostic decision making.

David Ruddick, and the Lord Mayor of Oxford

David talking to the Lord Mayor of Oxford at our 40th Anniversary Dinner

With all his experience David worked on a range of more complex conditions often helping patients with problems that had been unresolved with other treatment, and as Principal at Summertown Clinic enjoyed helping his colleagues, often offering another perspective on a challenging case.

Summertown Clinic in the National Awards

Summertown Clinic in the National Awards

David was previously nominated and short listed as the “Principal of the Year”, awarded by the iO (Institute of Osteopathy) and made it into the final 3.

David has been enjoying his retirement, and managed to get away some more, and spend some time with his grandchildren.