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10 Sep 2019
September 10, 2019

Migraines; more than “just a headache”

September 10, 2019

It’s 2pm, you’ve had a stressful morning at work, only made worse by not sleeping well last night looking after your toddler who was unsettled. You haven’t really stopped for lunch today and have been staring at the brightness of your computer screen since 9am. Your head on the right side is starting to pound… read more →

by Nadine Harrison – Chiropractor As a chiropractor, this is one of the questions I am most frequently asked in clinic – “what is the difference between an osteopath and a chiropractor?” The short answer, today, is “very little!” The professions of Osteopathy and Chiropractic have far more in common than the differences that set.. read more →

A Spot of Herbal First Aid in the Field The trouble with this time of year is that there is so much lush herbage out there when I get out for a walk! While I was trotting down a narrow, overgrown path talking to my botanising friend and admiring the Scrophularia nodosa (figwort) leaves to.. read more →

Following on from my last post, did you spot the two other herbs in the photograph? I’ve added a photo of one of them, the other needing no introduction. The blue-flowered plant towards the bottom left corner of my verdant photograph is Glechoma hederacea, commonly known as ground ivy, though I much prefer one of.. read more →

I’m sure that I would be correct in thinking that you’ve just taken a brief glance at a rather dull photograph? Not so from the Herbalist’s perspective. At this time of year my walks are often amongst an abundance of medicine growing up around my ankles and, understandably, I get quite excited. This snap, taken.. read more →

One of the cough medicines that I use often as a herbalist, is Tussilago farfara, or coltsfoot. I was delighted to find a display of the flowers with their scaly stems when I was walking around a rather boggy churchyard today. The botanical name comes from the Latin, ‘tussis’ – cough. The freshly blooming flowers.. read more →

Osteopathic Exercise Therapy The Summertown Clinic is pleased to include an Exercise Therapy session as part of its offerings. The Exercise Therapy session is run by Osteopath and Strength and Conditioning Coach Andrew Nicholettos. The session aims to explore the merits of exercise in a clinical situation, to help individuals prevent and rehabilitate injury, and.. read more →

22 Oct 2017
October 22, 2017

Principal of the Year Award – James Ruddick

October 22, 2017

Winner! James Ruddick wins the Institute of Osteopathy Award Every year the Institute of Osteopathy runs it’s national awards, and this year James Ruddick was the winner of the Principal of the Year Award. Sponsored by Gilly Woodhouse from Osteobiz, the award is given to a principal osteopath by a committee that reviews nominations put.. read more →

We’re extremely excited to announce the proud sponsorship of Mr. Jack Clayton by Joel Redman and the Summertown Clinic as he prepares for national powerlifting trials in the next few months. Here at Summertown Clinic we’re always on the lookout for ways in which we can help promote health to the wider community and this.. read more →

18 May 2017
May 18, 2017

The Art of the Musculoskeletal Practitioner

May 18, 2017

By Sally Evans The art of the musculoskeletal practitioner, for example: osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists and physiotherapists, can be compared to other artists who learn to sculpt, design, paint or play music, but with our art we are nurturing an organic life force. When learning our art, some of us will find it more natural.. read more →