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Herbal First Aid Kits for Holidays, Out and About and in the Car

Many of us will be heading off for adventures far and wide this summer, or to the seaside or out for a day’s walking. These are the herbal items that I take with me:

My tiniest herbal kit for a day out, or for travel with limited space, contains the following three items:

  1. Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifoila) for bites, burns, sleeplessness and headaches.
  2. Bumps & Bashes cream for healing, bruises, aches and sprains.
  3. Bug-off spray, blended aromatic water and essential oil repellent to help keep midges, mosquitoes and ticks at bay. It smells pleasant to humans!

For longer travels I add these items to those above:

  1. Aloe gel with marigold and plantain for sunburn, prickly heat and cooling the skin generally. This can be in a runny lotion or thicker, depending on preference.
  2. Bitters with agrimony to aid the digestion and for stomach upsets.
  3. Calendula tincture, antiseptic and used to clean and bathe any small wounds or abrasions.

You may wish to add some of the following, depending on your plans:

  1. Milk thistle to avoid hangovers.
  2. Myrrh tincture as a mouthwash, gum healer and for dental emergencies.
  3. Peppermint essential oil for travel sickness.
  4. Anxiety spray for shock, stress and anxiety.
  5. Herbal drawing ointment for splinters and thorns.
  6. Roman Chamomile essential oil or aromatic water for allergies, stress, sleeplessness, bites, prickly heat and to calm the digestion.
  7. Foot cream, healing antiseptic and antifungal cream with marigold, tea tree and aloe vera.
  8. Arnica cream for bruises, not to be used on broken skin. (This is a herbal cream made with infused arnica oil, pharmacologically active, high quality arnica, not to be confused with homeopathic arnica cream.)

First Aid Kits are available tailor made to suit your needs following a brief consultation. Ingredients are organic where possible; essential oils and aromatic waters are always organically grown.

To book an appointment with our medical herbalist – Lizzie Foulon please contact the clinic on 01865 558561.

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