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Kerry and David Ruddick Founders of the Summertown ClinicSummertown Clinic is Oxford’s longest established Osteopathy and complementary therapy, and has grown since David and Kerry based it in Summertown in 1975. Ahead of its time, Summertown Clinic became one of the first practices in the UK to have several different complementary and alternative therapies (CAM) under one roof. This idea of a ‘family of various therapists’ all working with a common purpose, to help the many patients who sought relief from a range of different conditions, is now literally the reality as more recently when in 2004 and 2006 their daughter Jo Ruddick, and son James Ruddick joined the practice.

The Clinic benefits from this feeling of family and our patients enjoy a more relaxed and homely experience than the sterility of other practices. We owe much of this to our reception and management team who work hard to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

  1. Who we are and a little bit of history…
    After graduating from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in London in 1968 both David and Kerry worked at the Maidstone Osteopathic Clinic in Kent and also began their own clinic in the City of London. David also worked as an assistant to an Osteopath practicing in Oxford and after they married, Kerry also began to practice in Oxford.

    In 1971 they took over the Oxford Practice and decided not only to work but also live in Oxford, a city that they had come to love. By 1975 the Oxford Clinic had become very busy and it was necessary for David and Kerry to work solely from their Clinic in Oxford, mainly practising Osteopathy and advising on nutrition and exercise. To provide for the wide variety of patients needs, David went on to study Acupuncture and Kerry Medical Herbalism. It was very apparent that different disciplines each have a place in health care, so they invited other professionally qualified practitioners to join them at the Clinic and so the Summertown Clinic came into being.

    The Summertown Clinic has grown over the years becoming a centre of many therapies practiced by caring professional practitioners.

    We endeavour to make every patients visit to the Summertown Clinic a positive and beneficial experience.

  2. Our Objectives or mission as a Clinic
    Several years ago we created the following statement to clarify the primary objectives Summertown Clinic has:

    1. To provide the highest standards of care in Complementary Medicine.
    2. For patients to feel valued, listened too and cared for.
    3. For practitioners to feel appreciated as valuable members of the clinic, providing and receiving mutual support, socially and professionally.
    4. To enhance the reputation of the clinic.
    5. To make sufficient profit by running efficiently to maintain and provide these objectives.

    It may seem rather corporate to put such a ‘mission statement’ on a clinic website like ours, however we think its important that patients and other interested parties can understand the direction we are coming from.  

  3. The Future
    In a clinic like Summertown Clinic many people may assume that we don’t have aspirations, or dreams, that we maybe happy with our current status quo. While we are pleased to offer the quality of service we do, we are always looking to improve and further excel. We do for instance have a 5 year strategic plan that incorporates many of our ambitions including:

    1. Conducting a full clinical audit to provide evidence to support our effectiveness to local GP’s with the eventual goal of securing NHS funding for some of the work we do/
    2. Establishing rehabilitation classes for our patients and setting up classes to help people maintain their health.
    3. Providing more publicised evidence of treatment efficacy and pieces of research that are important to educating our patients on key health related issues

    These are just a few of our plans to produce a better service for our patients in the future, however we would welcome any ideas or comments you’d like to make here:

    Let us know what you think!

    Write your ideas here and let us know how you think we can improve

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