Kate Layton

Kate Layton – Sport Masseur and Pilates teacher

Strictly Massage….

I’m sure that not many people have been massaged by someone who holds a place in the Guiness Book of Records!! I was lucky enough to take a group to Earls Court for the Flora Aerobathon record breaking attempt, which lasted for just the four hours, which thankfully was successful! My only claim to fame…..

As a youngster you never think about getting fit, you are!! Well, you were in my day. Parents didn’t have time to drive you to all the various after school activities that exist now. My neighbours daughter dragged me along as her partner to Latin and Ballroom dancing at the local hall round the corner. I can still dance the mans’ steps for most dances. Latin american is still my favourite.

Then something wonderful happened, JANE FONDA. The first time I went to an aerobics class I was hooked!

I had a very diverse lead up to my current career starting off by working in a picture gallery, then going to college to do a shorthand typing course (100 wpm distinction by the way!), followed by City in Guilds in Dressmaking. Then into for my first proper career in Sales and Marketing for Solid State Logic a local company which manufactures audio equipment for the Music/Television business. After 8 years at the most fantastic job I got married and had to change my life.

A few years previously I had spent time in London at the YMCA taking their Exercise to Music course. So, I was already teaching classes in the evenings at various venues around Oxford. It was an easy decision to make my hobby my job. It also fit in very well with having young children. I then attended the YMCA again and spent a year taking their Personal Trainer course. I loved the diversity of the subjects we covered and particularly the Ante/Post Natal and the Over 50’s!!! Some of our best sessions were spent training the over 80s from the local old peoples home just off of Regent Street.

A few years later I needed another new challenge and decided to learn Sports Therapy. I attended the trial weekend to see if it was for me and was hooked straight away. I spent a year studying for this course and seriously had no social life at all with essays, practice and children PLUS a husband in the army posted away!!

I have been teaching now for 20 years and it is a very useful tool for when I see people in the clinic as I have lived through injuries, all sorts of muscle strains and understand the determination of athletes who still want to continue their sport. I am always looking out for workshops to attend either in Massage therapy or any new fitness techniques. I  teach Pilates classes with Summertown Clinic at the North Oxford Golf Club and a variety of exercise classes across Oxford including Bodybalance, Bodypump, Step, Aerobics, Aqua, Zumba, Legs, Bums, and Tums, and Body conditioning. I am also Ante/Post Natal qualified and teach the specialist over 60s classes for the Council. I enjoy the challenges of my job and the way the different parts all interconnect.

I work as a sports massage therapist at Summertown Clinic every Friday morning. If you’d like to book an appointment with Kate for a massage please ring our friendly receptionists on 01865 558561 or online

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