Sally Evans

About Sally Evans:

Sally started practicing at the Summertown Clinic in 1997, her patients range from 2 years old up to seniors, competitive sports people at all levels from junior to international, paraplegics and those with scoliosis and are drawn from both Oxford and the surrounding villages and some visit from London, Edinburgh and even America. She is married with a family, and balances her role as a mum and Chiropractor. Her journey into chiropractic started out quite differently.

Although McTimoney and its philosophy is the foundation for each of Sally’s treatments, she also integrates other therapeutic modalities to help improve the rate of progress, recovery or management of her varied patient’s individual needs, including athletes, who feel the benefits of fine tuning their bodies to achieve maximum performance –

“one of my female athletes is about to do the Iron Lady Triathlon this September and I have been supporting her with McTimoney Chiropractic Treatment; I also do check-ups and treatment for her three children (who are under 12) and her husband and grandparents!”

Sally also offers an introductory body check for children -Mini and Minor Body Check (see below)…

Supporting your physical and emotional health:

‘’As well as providing pain relief and management, patients choose to visit me even when they are symptom free, as they have come to appreciate my preventative treatment approach and feel great by taking some control over their structural health. You will receive a friendly and honest account of your musculoskeletal health through what I find, not just what you are feeling, giving you renewed body awareness and advice, with a focus on how you can help yourself’’.

What Sally’s treatment offers: (click on those with a cross next to them to find out more):

* Musculoskeletal Assessment, Foot Assessment and Postural Analysis
* McTimoney Chiropractic Adjustments (also includes Cranial Chiropractic)
* Deep Remedial Massage & Myofascial Release
* Muscle Testing (using Applied Kinesiology For Diagnostic & Progress Analysis
* Exercise Therapy (including advice on technique, core stability and training goals)
* Advice on Lifestyle, Ergonomics in the Work Place and Home

  1. * Mini and Minor Body Check
    Sally offers introductory structural checkups for the developing child, from 2yrs up to 18yrs. This check up is a lovely introduction for children to learn how to take responsibility for their bodies and have confidence in themselves, ensuring positive body awareness and good structural health. After the initial Body Check, Sally will let you know if and when your child should have any follow-ups. This can vary depending on what is diagnosed. After checkups and depending on outcome, some children may need a few treatments on a weekly basis; others may only need 6 monthly checkups to include treatment, this is especially helpful after a growth spurt.
    There are many signs that indicate that a check up with Sally may be helpful:
    • Poor Postural habits
    • Muscle and Joint pain
    • Ankle pain or weakness / poor ability to jump or balance
    • Bed wetting / Cystitis /constipation
    • Poor foot posture
    • Back pain / Headache /Poor sleeping /Stomach aching / Easily tearful
    • Ear infections / Persistent sore throat or chesty cough/swollen glands
  2. * Kinesiology Taping
    Kinesiology Taping is a definitive rehabilitative technique that is designed to promote the body’s natural healing process, providing support and stability at the same time to the soft tissues of the body and the joints without restricting the body’s range of movement, allowing patients to remain active throughout their day to day activities or sport; patients are able to wear the supportive tape for up to five days. The tape is latex- free, waterproof, 72% cotton and is specifically applied to patients based upon their needs after a physical examination.

    Kinesiology Taping can be used in conjunction with McTimoney Chiropractic treatment and is a valuable addition to the McTimoney treatment protocol
    Kinesiology Taping targets different receptors within the somato-sensory system, helping to alleviate pain and encourages the facilitation of lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin.
    The most common sports related injuries that can benefit from Kinesiology Taping:
    > Shoulder Pain – Rotator Cuff Tendonopathy of Supraspinatus
    > Elbow Pain – Lateral Epicondilitis – Tennis Elbow
    > Plantar Fasciitis
    > Ankle Inversion Sprain
    > Achilles Tendonopathy
    > Medial Shin pain (Shin Splints)
    > Anterior Shin pain
    > General knee pain
    > Patella Femoral Syndrome
    > Lateral and Medial Knee Pain
    > Hamstring Strain
    > Quadriceps Strain

    You don’t have to be an Athlete to benefit from Kinesiology Taping
    For example, ‘’If I find a chronic muscular weakness/strain in a lower limb and it is a major contributing factor in a patient’s complaint of low back pain, I first apply the appropriate treatment to adjust the compensations and then apply kinesiology tape to the specific injured muscle to help heal the actual cause of the back pain and therefore prevent the whole back problem building up again’’.

  3. * Pre and Post Joint Surgery care and advice
    You may like to consider advice from Sally when you are making decisions about your health, e.g., second
    opinions can be offered and help/support for surgical intervention for certain complaints such as for
    nerve de-compression in the spine or joint replacement surgery for the hips and knees.
  4. * Activator Chiropractic
    Activator is a chiropractic method approach using a hand held instrument, called an Activator, to make adjustments. Like McTimoney, Activator has built its success on providing safe, low-force adjustments, and, since 1976, through advanced clinical research, product development and teaching in over 20 chiropractic colleges world-wide, it is the number one instrument adjusting technique in the world. It is a method approach which can be integrated with the holistic McTimoney approach and uses a diagnosis protocol which helps support accurate decisions when making adjustments.

Sally’s journey

“I had a professional, tough, and exciting scholarship training and ten year career in Dance and Musical Theatre, travelling Europe and working in London and the West End. During these experiences I always took interest in the physical set-backs dancers were plagued with and also found I had empathy for anyone with varying levels of physical dysfunction, not just dancers.

I admired the manual therapy methods used by traditional physiotherapists to treat our injuries, but felt it was not a whole body holistic approach and more complex conditions seemed poorly managed, ending in surgery with little remedial care, and so my path into complementary medicine developed. After a Remedial Sport Injury course at the London School of Massage and a Fitness Exercise course at Loughborough, I set up a Remedial Sports Massage practise at Dance Works, Oxford Street, London, and also offered ‘Body and Back’ conditioning classes aimed at improving health and wellbeing as much as enhancing dance techniques.

But, it was receiving treatment from a McTimoney Chorley Chiropractor which introduced me to the dynamic whole body approach of manual therapy I was looking for. I went on to train at the Oxford College of Chiropractic, graduating in 1997, by which time I was working at the Summertown Clinic as a Remedial Sport Massage Therapist and Exercise Therapist and later took further post graduate training at the McTimoney Chiropractic College, now in Abingdon. I continued to teach independent exercise classes in Oxford and surrounding areas until I started a family.

Since graduating as a Chiropractor, I have been busy and fulfilled by the ability to help people improve their quality of life ’’.

McTimoney-Chiropractic Fees and Appointment Times Explained

With Sally Evans


  • Adult First consultation: £65.00 (Also includes first treatment where possible) / Child £48.00
  • Follow-ups and Preventative Check-ups: Adult £48.00 / Child £40.00
  • Extended 45 minute appointment – £65.00

Appointment Times
I aim to give quality care with a dynamic ‘whole body Treatment Approach’, but this can take extra time. Each individual has their unique needs, and some patients may need more time than others. I have found the fairest way to give quality time is to allocate 30mins per appointment, but that there is flexibility around this – if more time is required then a 45 minute appointment is available too.

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