I strongly recommend Kina as a therapist. I had suffered from depression for many years when I first met her. I had just turned 30 and I was very skeptic someone could help me.

We ended up working together for many years, and with her guidance and support I overcame my depression. I feel happier and stronger as an individual and I gained a new way to live my life.  Kina has an incredible  wealth of psychological knowledge and experience,  she is very detailed and creative and uses different techniques according to your needs. She is determined and she will know how to challenge you when is helpful.  But the main reason why Kina worked for me as a therapist is because of her integrity and her consistency, it  allowed me to trust  her to help me, and it is the best thing I have ever done!.

Patient: Female, 37

Practitioner: Kina Malmberg-Lovatt

Kina works in the clinic on Friday mornings.

If you would like to book an appointment with Kina, please call our friendly receptionist on 01865 558561

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