Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine aims to support the patient as a whole, not simply to suppress and get rid of current symptoms; but to enhance the body and to understand why problems occur so that they are less likely to return.

Phytotherapy is the practice of modern western herbal medicine. It is a rational approach based upon a combination of understanding the contemporary scientific evidence base for herbal medicine. While appreciating the insights that can be gained from traditional herbal medicine texts and records, and by learning from clinical experience by ongoing reflective practice, it combines orthodox medical skills and knowledge with a scientific understanding of plants and their effects on the body.

New patients are seen initially for a one hour consultation where a full health, social and diet history is taken. Treatment is then focused upon a plan to support the whole person, as well as their symptoms, with an individually tailored prescription of herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and any other relevant lifestyle advice and support. During follow-up appointments the plans made during the first consultation are built upon and the herbal medicine prescription may be adjusted.

The essence of her practice is, in partnership with her patients, to support and treat the whole person and to improve their general well being and vitality, while dealing with their presenting health issues.

Lizzie Foulon is Summertown Clinic’s Herbalist you can contact her through the website or by ringing the clinic on 01865 558561.