“Oxford’s Best Massage!”

At Summertown Clinic we are very proud of our fantastic masseurs. All our masseurs are well trained and enjoy treating a range of different patients, often helping provide rehabilitative and preventative care for the osteopathic and chiropractic patients as part of a longer term care plan.

Although all our masseurs are capable of tailoring their treatment to their patients or clients, they practice specific types of massage, please click on the tab below for more information.

Sports Massage

The reported benefits of Sports Massage include:

  • Improve circulation & lymphatic flow
  • Assist in the removal of metabolic waste
  • Sedate or stimulate nerve endings
  • Increase or decrease muscle tone
  • Increase or decrease muscle length
  • Remodel scar tissue when required
  • Assist in mental preparation for sporting participation

Our Sports Masseurs:

Aromatherapy & Holistic MassageBrita treating 4

Our Pracitioners:

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage, or Traditional Thai Massage,  has roots in the wider Indian traditions of Ayurveda and yoga as well as ancient Buddhist traditions. It is a holistic therapy that aims to balance the body’s energy system, by working on ten main meridians, or lines, that run throughout the body, known as the Ten Sen. Treatments are given on a firm futon on the floor with the client wearing soft comfortable clothing that allows movement. The practitioner uses his or her thumbs, palms, elbows and feet to apply a mixture of acupressure, gentle twisting, joint and spine mobilisations and assisted yoga stretching. The therapist uses their own bodyweight instead of strength, and works with a meditative pace. This type of bodywork can help improve posture, flexibility, breathing, digestion and circulation. It can also help address conditions such as headaches, neck, shoulder, and back pain, and can be beneficial for the joints. Treatments are tailored to suit each individual client,  are relaxing, and often leave people with a sense of peace.

Sophia demonstrating a thai massage move

Sophia demonstrating a thai massage move

Our Pracitioner:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) can be used to improve many conditions and benefit general health and well-being. Approved by the NHS for the treatment of lymphoedema, MLD is an advanced therapy that uses specific techniques for stimulating the lymphatic system. This enables the removal of toxins and waste products from the body and improve flow of nutrients to the cells and tissues.

For more information visit the MLD page on our site by clicking here.

Our MLD practitioner:
Rebecka Blenntoft