McTimoney Chiropractic

With the McTimoney ‘whole body’ assessment and treatment at each session, you are provided with a natural and preventative medical approach offering you improved physical performance and pain relief by fixing the cause of pain. McTimoney Chiropractic provides important health benefits for all ages and physical ability, giving you better control and choice over your health outcomes, and you don’t have to be in pain to benefit.

McTimoney Chiropractic is a Regulated Profession and, with evidence based research, seeks to further help patients and support mainstream medicine: for over 50 years McTimoney Chiropractic has been educating and helping thousands of people feel better. There are nearly 150,000 new patients consulting a McTimoney practitioner each year, that’s more than 8,000 nationwide being cared for by McTimoney practitioners every working day.

It can help with the following:
• Acute Pain: such as from falls, sports injuries, accidents and surgery
• Chronic Pain: such as pain patterns from birth, congenital deformity and trauma
• Stiffness of joints and muscular aches and pains
• Back, neck, hip, knee, elbow and shoulder pain
• Upper Limb and Lower Limb pain and changes of sensation
• Headaches
• Posture and Ergonomics
• Foot Assessment
• Pre and Post Joint Surgery Care

Provides Relief for Other Health Related Conditions: patients often experience additional health benefits following treatment. Please speak to our practitioners for further information or browse our testimonials

How does McTimoney Chiropractic work?: Your McTimoney Chiropractor is trained to find misalignment of your bones and joints and correct these effectively with gentle hand adjustments using speed, accuracy and a direct line of force. Consideration is given to held pain patterns, condition and flexibility of soft tissues, poor postural habits and congenital defects. Treatment is supported with medical knowledge and is brought together with a detailed patient case history, orthopaedic and neurological testing, if necessary, fine touch and observational skills.

The Aim of Chiropractic Treatment: The aim of Chiropractic Treatment is to remove interference to the bodies nerve supply helping improve nerve information and, in doing so, maintain correct function of the muscles, connective tissues and organs it serves, preventing them from becoming weakened, susceptible to injury, degeneration, or infection.

Medical Approach and Referrals: McTimoney Chiropractors will advise you if your condition requires further medical intervention such as seeing your GP, and sending you for appropriate tests, like blood tests, Ultra Sound or MRI. 
Our McTimoney Chiropractors: